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Call for the 2020 Innovation in Laboratory Medicine Award

Mar 1, 2020

The North America Chinese Clinical Chemists Association calls for application of the 2020 Innovation in Laboratory Medicine Award. This award recognizes innovations in diagnostic approaches or devices that improve patient care.

Guidelines on application

Candidates: Laboratory medicine professional individuals, teams, or companies. No geographic location limitations.

Projects/products: diagnostic assays, devices or workflows that were manufactured or constructed and have been validated for clinical application.

Application format

Background: Introduction on the current challenges or gaps in related field of laboratory medicine practice and the impact on patient care.

Methods: Explanation on the innovative improvements or breakthroughs in the project/product.

Inclusion of peer-reviewed references and/or patent is preferred.

Results: Validated clinical practice outcomes that demonstrate the feasibility and reproducibility of the innovation.

Influences: Potentials in wide adoption of the new technology or design that promote high quality patient care.

Evaluators: NACCCA science advisory committee composed of past presidents and invited guests.

Please limit the application to 2-pages and submit via email to by April 15th, 2020. Resume of applicants and other documents may be submitted as supplements.

Finalists: 3-4 applications will be selected to present at 2020 AACC/NACCCA scientific session and two final awards, one on technology innovation and the other on healthcare improvement will be announced at the 2020 NACCCA evening meeting.